Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.

Nike 2021

Nike 2021 was a 3-hour gaming event that was part executive training session and part team-building exercise. Set in the year 2021, the game presented volatile economic and social scenarios requiring fast-thinking business decisions and collaborative gameplay. Due to the confidential information contained throughout the game, we decided to exaggerate its secrecy and sensitivity at every opportunity. Themes of espionage, spy-craft, and global crisis were applied to all aspects of the experience; from the details of the game itself, to the design of the physical location, to the theatrical choreography of the game-day presentation.

Copywriting, Lael Tyler
Photography, Jim Golden

Work completed while at Opolis Design
Employees started the experience by finding their name and then their team. Like some kind of Spy Wedding™
Secret Service-type actors (not shown) were at the door, with a wall of Pelican cases to hand to each team member. The contents: the board game, the first round of event questions and a custom black dry erase clipboard for notes. Handcuffs optional.
Shown: every piece of collateral from the event, the Pelican case which contained the board game, black dry-erase board, game pieces, markers and jars. The collateral was a staged series of envelopes with questions, data and then answers. Also shown: stickers, table team cards, and ephemera from the era the concept is based.