Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.


A collection of approved logos, graveyard ideas and other branding ephemera over the years.

When Columbia Sportswear debuted their Omni-Heat technology, they embroidered a handful of jackets for company executives with the name "Heat Elite." The silver dots were a nod to the tech pattern, and the 0710 was the date of launch.
Acupuncturist Heather Kresbach is strongly influenced by the teachings of the I Ching. Using the letter "H", this logo took these symbols and added its own to the mix.
Monogram for Lynne Parker, an interior designer with strong focus for blending contemporary trends with historic flourishes.
Doula Love is a small Doula practice that eager to educate and help new parents.
Surreal project of my lifetime: designing a military patch for the Oregon Army Natl Guard. Shown: the fatigue version.