Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.

Levi, the font

Becoming a father is an experience better shown than told. After my son Levi was born, I was driven into a frenzy of creative activity; elaborate couch forts, imaginary trips to construction sites, and ultra fast neighborhood races. Naturally, eventually, and possibly inevitably, my creative energies directed themselves towards typography. Inspired by the complicated simplicity of elementary school Tangram games, Levi, the font, was brought into the world. And here in the world it remains. You can even purchase a license from the fantastic designer's resource, YouWorkForThem, right here.

Levi is a "handset" font, which means it is set by hand. The final release had 6 versions, one of which was a mixture of vector woodgrain and halftone patterns (shown).