Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.

NWEI EcoChallenge

Every year, the Northwest Earth Institute runs a web-based competition called EcoChallenge which turns bite-sized action into lasting environmental change. Due in part to its popularity over the last 6 years, the NWEI decided to rethink the platform to encourage better participation and to adapt to a mobile-first environment. 

Art Direction
Creative Direction, Lael Tyler
Wires and initial UX, Megan Hansen
Development, Cast Iron Coding
To encourage new, earth-conscious behaviors, the UI focused on rewarding participants with quick visual points and real world impact.
The platform also plays host to for both the private and public sector, like governments, corporations or schools.
Near the end of the project, we had the opportunity to impact the branding for the EcoChallenge platform and we took it on with vigor. Over 30 logos were explored, with loads of variations in between.