Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.

Here goes

Jon entered the world of design through the accident of obsession. Despite having no formal arts education, he found himself helplessly drawn to Joseph Mueller-Brockman’s “Grid Systems,” clean Nordic design, and the tireless intricacies of Lance Wyman. His restless exuberance and appetite for knowledge spurred Jon on a self-taught path towards his future craft.

Jon moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004 searching for further growth and creative opportunity. In the decade-plus since, he has worked on design projects of nearly every conceivable scale, method, and medium. His day jobs have included time at small studios like Nemo, Opolis, and Sandstrom, and larger outfits like Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Razorfish.

Why, Hello There began as an extra-curricular side-hustle to bring in additional creative work, but over the years it has become something more; a platform for celebrating great design, and a launch pad for projects driven more by love than labor. He is always happy to discuss new opportunities and creative partnerships.


Self-motivated; proudly take ownership of my workThrive on collaboration and iterationBuzzword aversionAvid bird-dogger with insatiable curiosity for problem-solvingFirm handshakesHolistic, tech-savvy approachArticulator of design rationaleLeading design at the intersection of UI and UXBartlett for AmericaExtensive experience working with dev teams of varying sizesEmpathetic advocate for a product's audienceBreathing

What other people are saying

Jon was amazing to work with. He was brimming with ideas and always delivered outstanding work. He truly thought about the briefs, and created work far beyond expectations. It was the highlight of my week when he would send over new work for review. It was clear that Jon really loves what he does and cares deeply for his craft and his clients.

Julie West, Creative Director
Inside Track

You know when you have an idea in your head, but can't quite put it into words? Jon is the guy who can take your crappy description and magically turn it into a solid product interface.

Ran Craycraft, Creative Director

The overall experience was positive. [Jon brings] a lot of great ideas and seem[s] to have endless enthusiasm. The latter is something that I think a lot of creatives struggle with.  And [Jon is] a good conversationalist. That might seem trivial, but the ability to talk at length about ideas and inspiration (and other stuff) feeds the process.

Peter Dean, Partner
Dean Donohue

Jon loves design and he really stays on top of industry trends and tech possibilities. He's got great enthusiasm for ideas, and is very methodical in the way he approaches design, creating helpful and organized systems that make things easier for everyone on the team. He's also an all-around nice guy, which is always a treat.

Kate McCagg, Executive Creative Director
Havas Worldwide

Jon is an extremely talented visual thinker and designer. He is fast, focused and capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously while moving them forward and meeting client objectives. Jon's positive attitude and energy were a real asset to our small studio dynamic. He is a thoughtful, generous person, and a very gifted designer and problem solver.

Lael Tyler, Creative Director
Cast Iron Coding


Jon Schafer is a designer, art director and illustrator working under the moniker Why, Hello There.